TAG Business Transparency Committee


The mission of the Business Transparency Committee is to build trust, transparency and accountability throughout the digital supply chain by developing and promoting the adoption of standards, protocols and technologies that recognize honest industry participants and help combat illegal activity.

The work of the Business Transparency Committee is coordinated through two working groups: the Registration Working Group and Evolved Guidelines Working Group.


Steve Sullivan, Index Exchange, Chair
Rachel Nyswander Thomas, Primary Staff Liaison
Ilham Elkatani, IAB, Liaison


Megan Armstrong, Vibrant Media
Andrew Arnold, The Trade Desk
Jeff Barry, Sovrn
Jackson Bazley, Ernst & Young
Craig Berlingo, Tremor Video
Chetna Bindra, Google
Per Bjorke, Google
Jeremy Borakove, Conversant Media
James Butler, AOL Platforms
Katie Buzby, AppNexus
Anthony Casson, Sovrn
Ryan Chandler, BidSwitch
Brendan Cleary, Dow Jones & Company (Wall Street Journal)
David D Cooper, Tremor Video
Samuel Cox, Google
Suzanne Cugley, Yahoo
Jennifer Derke, IAB
Benjamin Dick, IAB
Amy Dunn, LiveRail
Kumi Ebihara, Yahoo
Nick Frizzell, SpotX
Adam Gitlin, Annalect
Marc Goldberg, Trust Metrics
Steve Guenther, Alliance for Audited Media (AAM)
Adam Hardy, Facebook
Sudhi Herle, RhythmOne
Vainius Indilas, Adform
Russell Isaacson, Sovrn
Vegard Johnsen, Google
Tanuj Joshi, MediaMath
Ash Kalb, White Ops
Walter Knapp, Sovrn
Nicole Kuntz, White Ops
Aaron Ledwith, DataXu
Ari Levenfeld, Rocket Fuel
Jacob LeWinter, Rocket Fuel
Alice Lincoln, MediaMath
Bennet Manuel, Yahoo
Mike McNeeley, AppNexus
Meghan Medlock, ANA
Joseph Meehan, IPONWEB Inc
Alex Merwin, SpotX
Eran Metzer, Yahoo
Todd Miller, RhythmOne
Kip Morgan, Prudential
Richard Murphy, BPA Worldwide
Alex Myers, SpotX
Páris Piedade Neto, TV Globo
Brian O’Kelley, AppNexus
Tracy Otis, Tremor Video
James Pinho, Moat
Steve Pinto, LiveRail
David Plesha, Bleacher Report
Samantha Price, The Weather Company, an IBM Business
Carly Rauh, DataXu
Callie Reynolds, Moat
Brendan Riordan-Butterworth, IAB
Steve Rosenblum, IAB Canada
Nick Sabatino, RhythmOne
Dan Schneider, BPA Worldwide
Willard Simmons, DataXu
Mackenzie Smith, IPONWEB Inc
Richard Sobel, VivaKi
Scott Spencer, Google
Steve Sullivan, Index Exchange
Michael Tiffany, White Ops
Emera Trujillo, Visible Measures
Chris Tsoufakis, Moat
Charlie Weiss, News Corporation
Jarrett Wold, Ad-ID

Member Companies

AOL Platforms
Bleacher Report
BPA Worldwide
Conversant Media
Dow Jones & Company (Wall Street Journal)
Ernst & Young
IAB Canada
Index Exchange
News Corporation
Rocket Fuel
Tremor Video
Trust Metrics
Vibrant Media
Visible Measures
White Ops


Current Work

Registry and Payment ID

TAG’s Registration Working Group has developed an industry-wide TAG Registry that gives legitimate companies a powerful tool to help steer clear of criminal activity in the digital advertising supply chain. In the future, a Payment ID System will complement the TAG Registry and allow buyers of inventory to limit payments to legitimate actors only and thus eliminate all payments to illegitimate actors and criminals. TAG will enhance the Registration Program in the coming months to include secure APIs and features to streamline the on-boarding and vetting process.

Inventory Quality Guidelines:

The Evolved Guidelines Working Group updates and strengthens TAG’s Inventory Quality Guidelines (IQG) program, which aims to reduce friction and foster an environment of trust in the marketplace by providing a common framework to describe and disclose the characteristics of advertising inventory.  The IQG program has been expanded to include programmatic and native advertising buys. In addition, a series of disclosures that allow buyers to more transparent with sellers of ad inventory have been developed.

To Join

To join TAG’s Business Transparency Committee, please review the TAG Intellectual Property Rights and Anti-Trust Policies and sign the Acknowledgment form before sending it via email info@tagtoday.net. You will receive an email confirming your participation.